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One VA Solution

Simplicity Support Freedom


A Virtual Assistant can save you money

by improving efficiency and providing assistance ONLY when it's required

Remote working


My name is Bene and I am the founder of One VA Solution.

I work as a freelance Virtual Assistant specialising in providing comprehensive support to small businesses and coaches, making them feel like they have their own personal superhero!

With over two decades of experience in administrative and office support, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with a wide array of industries. Beginning from the ground level and steadily progressing upward, I've gained insights into every facet of an administrative role, ranging from Personal Assistant to Executive Assistant.

Originally hailing from the outskirts of Paris, I consider myself a true Parisian at heart, deeply proud of my French heritage and the inherent French flair that I embody.

My proficiency in both English and French has proven to be an asset throughout my career; I can charm in both English and French, with the right accent to boot! 

Approaching my work with an unwavering spirit, genuine passion, and a firm resolve to simplify my clients' lives, I hold a deep sense of responsibility toward my work and my clients' endeavours. I bring the A-game, the passion, and a boatload of determination.

While I recognise the importance of providing support, tranquility, and empathy, I also believe in infusing a touch of humour to brighten your day.

Consider me your reliable and composed pair of hands, ready to take on any task with finesse.

I've got your back!

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My mission:

For my clients to feel the tension ease away


    Having run my own business for many years, I completely understand what it takes;

it's relentless, unforgiving and so time consuming, IF you are doing it alone!


The answer is to delegate and simplify.

 THE powerful tool that embodies the essence of simplicity ? 

 A Virtual Assistant! 

In our fast-paced world, where time is a luxury, Virtual Assistants have emerged as game-changers.

I am here to simplify your life, effortlessly managing your tasks and freeing you from the overwhelming burden of daily responsibilities by offering unparalleled convenience.

With a Virtual Assistant at your side, you can streamline your workflow, boost productivity, and reclaim precious moments that can be dedicated to what truly matters to you.

Delegate low value tasks so that you can concentrate on the High Value tasks!


I am there as an administrative helping hand. Moreover, I evolve and learn with you.

I become your trusted confidant, providing relevant support and catering to your unique needs.

"Nothing gives me more pleasure than knowing that I have made someone's life easier!"

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