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A VA Poem

In this bustling world of tasks and stress,

a Virtual Assistant brings relief, no less.

Imagine a partner, no need for a chair,

a Virtual Assistant, always ready to bear

the burden of schedules and endless files,

organising chaos with styles and smiles.

No need to fret about missed calls

or drowning in emails' relentless squalls.

They'll filter, sort and respond with flair,

leaving you free from digital despair.

They juggle appointments with expert finesse,

While you chase dreams and wonder afar,

they'll manage your time like a superstar!

But wait....

There's more to their enchanting art,

a dash of humour they'll gladly impart.

In time of stress or a cloudy day,

they'll lighten the load,

in their own special way.

A jest, a joke, a comic relief,

their humour brings solace beyond belief.

So consider the perks,

it's plain to see,

a Virtual Assistant, a gleaming key,

to unlock productivity, time and cheer,

with humour and expertise,

they're always near.

Sound good?

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